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Airline branding & livery


MBLM* | various international airlines

(*an integrated branding & communications firm; specializing in integrated marketing solutions, marketing tools, and brand strategy & design)

In association with branding firm MBLM, provided airline-related expertise for several airline branding proposals (including new brand image, refreshed livery programs, airport signage & aircraft interior revamps)

Project requirements:

  • Provide all required airline-related information, research & insight related to the target client airline(s) and their specific competitors.
  • Served as the airline expert as required for written proposals, project meetings and/or formal presentations.

Project undertakings:

  • Led commercial and strategic reviews of target airline(s) to better understand the potential client(s) and their competitive threats and concerns.
  • Conducted thorough product & service assessments, including historic product/service levels (as available).
  • Comparative analysis of product & service levels vis-à-vis the specific competitve set of the target airline(s).
  • Brand equity research into the potential client; including any relevant information regarding past brand rethink exercixes the airline(s) may have conducted.
  • Along with MBLM, created high-level brand strategy, brand renewal and/or corporate identity programs for inclusion in the various brand startegy proposals.

Project outcomes:

  • Awaiting project to be awarded (2); Unsuccessful bid (2)


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