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Air Canada

Gulf carrier review & government lobbying strategy

Air Canada required a review of the three dominant Gulf Coast Carriers (GCC), namely Etithad, Qatar & Emirates Airlines, as preparation for government lobbying over proposed changes to existing bi-lateral air service agreements.  Further, the development of a government relations strategy to challenge efforts of the respective Gulf Cost nations to liberalize the existing bi-laterals (between Canada and Qatar, and Canada and the United Arab Emirates); and subsequent plans by the GCC’s to greatly enhance air service ex-Canada.

Project requirements:

  • Prepare a review of the GCC’s worldwide network, schedule and growth plans; and specific to Canada, benchmark the GCC’s equipment, and likley product & service offerings.
  • Forecast how the resulting changes to global traffic flows will affect worldwide airlines – with specific emphasis on Canada.
  • Prepare a government relations strategy (including succinct talking points & arguments) for senior airline management.
  • Particiapte as required in direct governament negotiations/lobbying

Project undertakings:

  • Led strategic review of growth plans of GCC airlines – including estimating/projecting any not-publically-released growth markets & increased scheduling initiatives.
  • Produced a detailed competitive threat document outlining key areas of concern and overall impact IF increased GCC activity in Canada (with focus on network, schedule, and product & service level comparisons vis-à-vis current GCC equipment & planned airplane deliveries).
  • Reviewed cost structure and efficiency of the 3 respective GCC hubs in the Gulf.
  • Prepared critique of these airlines’ business plans and presented to assist with lobbying efforts in federal capital aviation sector???.

Project outcomes:

  • Efforts were successful and resulted in restrictive bi-lateral air service agreements staying in place (specific to Canada and Qatar, and Canada and the United Arab Emirates) and the rejection of expansion plans as proposed by the GCC’s.


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